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Are the unborn human?

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  1. Avatar William A. Beaulieu says:

    I wonder at a lot of questions which come out of our limited understandings of the powers we have as a people harnessed through science. These too often are not the knowledge of truth but rather questions based upon false conclusions over property. Even my own body is not my own if I intend to end my life short of its healthy potential, so how can we consider these growing individuals as anything less than others who live only because they can not fend for themselves? Honestly most of the people I know from doctors to scientists tire of this debate. They are tiered of people asking them to reprove what has already been done. Rather than face the continuation of such ends, would it not be better to face the problems of abuse for which people seek such answers in the first place?

  2. Avatar Robert Rudnick says:

    The preborn are human. People begat people. Saying that changes EVERYTHING. Then the preborn down to zygotes deserve the same defense as any people group do from WORLDWIDE HOLOCAUST! Or no one does and you’re arguing the heresy of pacifism. This can proceed in an orderly way per nullification and interposition. Or we’re all doomed.

  3. Avatar Kim Vetter says:

    I am a human being. I was a planned abortion. My mom caved during the scheduled abortion appointment. I live. A human. An LCMS human serving our living God!