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2015 State of the Synod

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  1. Avatar Greg Hasseldahl says:

    Many of our cities and towns have gone from being “christian”, through post-christian, and are now pre-Christian. The mission field is ever more clearly among us.

  2. Avatar Russell Mains says:

    There is certainly no denying that the devil still “prowls like a roaring lion, seeking those who he may devour.” Every generation has claimed to be living in the END TIMES, however Jesus tells us that we will not know when He will return; not the day, nor the hour. Only God, himself, knows when the end times will be. As, Christians, we must live and witness every day as if it is our last, but not have a fatalistic view to the point that we do not use the mental capacity that God has given us to improve our world. We should constantly be doing good, as Luther says (through faith), not because we perceive that the “end times” are near, but because we are thankful that we are SAVED BY GRACE, THROUGH FAITH, and Christ has commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Meanwhile, our command from Christ, our Lord, is also to proclaim His Gospel to as many people as we can; not necessarily to announce that we are in the “last times”, and constantly rant and rage against THE STATE. Yes, we identify evil and good, according to God’s Law, but I fear that, ONCE AGAIN, our leadership would have us focus more on “politics” than Holy Scripture; this, too, can be a “trap”, that we fall into, because it is a popular trend, rather than purely scriptural. Our ministers are called and ordained to preach and teach GOD’S LAW AND GOSPEL; anyone, even those whom God has called, can venture off the path of His Word, into the civil realm. Although, we can, and should, continue to proclaim the “kingdom of heaven” to the civil realm; we are NOT called to force our beliefs on anyone or to identify with any particular political party, but to “speak the truth in LOVE.” The world has NEVER been in lock step with God’s Word (the result of “original sin), but I am not ready to proclaim that the “end is near.” God may have much more for us to do, yet.