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Why Build Like This?

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  1. Avatar Lois Johnson says:

    Amazing, worshipful, beautiful; it can be done!!!

  2. Avatar Viola Fronkova says:

    While many Christians of centuries ago, and still today in regions of persecution, are grateful to hear and taste God’s Word while at risk or in hiding, we k ours is the privilege to construct the space itself to announce visually what we believe. new The simple things God selected to deliver His grace–words, water, bread and wine–seem unspectacular, but if possible we desired to accentuate the actual magnificence of His real, saving presence by employing biblical artwork and symbols. –
    I am one of those from the communist persecution places, and I can see this point as a wonderful compassion of those in Bonduel to us. That clean beautiful Church is like a clean heart of Randy Kallies, Curtis Schneider, Debbie Welch, pastor Shoup and all the rest of membership: they pray and struggle for the clean heart before the Lord. May His saving presence be with you all. Isaiah 56,7

  3. Avatar Joel Nethery says:

    Astonishingly beautiful! What a wonderful story as well. Our church is going through the initial stages of whether to remodel or rebuild so St. Paul Lutheran’s story was a testament to what can be done, but even more–a testament to Jesus Christ. May God richly bless St. Paul Lutheran!

  4. Avatar Janice Wendt says:

    Living in the area I visit St. Paul’s and am amazed every time by the job the builders and artists have done on this building. Everything points to the glory that is our God! No one can doubt that the Creator’s hand guided the construction. Excellent article by Pastor Shoup. May God continue to bless the work of the church. I will be worshiping with you again.

  5. Avatar Dave Porta says:

    Which Jesus was it who said, “>I< will build my church"?