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The Dangers of Complaint

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Lutheran Witness: May 2014
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  1. Avatar laurie baldwin says:

    This is so true. Once you start to complain, it’s very hard to stop!

  2. Avatar Betty M says:

    Yes! A resounding yes!! I have a critial nature and the more I feed the negativity the faster it grows. I feel the root of it all is pride!! How dare we have to settle for this we deserve so much better than that!!
    Last Sunday we started our summer church schedule. We have 4 youngsters in SS and two of us teach these kids and my critical nature even complains about teaching when I should be grateful I can still do this. At 65, most of the time I am happy I can still do for the One Who suffered so much for me, but there are times….
    I decided to end SS abit earlier this year and the congregation for the most part went along with the new time change but there were those!!
    Those who did not approve waited until it was voted on to accept the change and promptly decided to use cutting remarks on church on Sunday about the early hour. All this was going on when a new couple and thier family came for the first time. I remember thier son being in SS once over the winter with a friend and when I asked him if he knew Jesus he stated he had never heard of Him!!!!!
    We have children in our midst who have never heard of Jesus and we are busy complaining about church time!!!!
    The absurdedness of this just is sad!!! An attitude of gratitude is so needed and I try and fail daily to put it into practice. When we are grateful the critcal nature melts like butter on a warm toasty dinner roll!!
    Betty Marschner

  3. Avatar Dana says:

    Very good reminder for all of us.