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Somewhere in the Background: Christ

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  1. Avatar Deborah Strum says:

    In Spain you could reflect on the fragility of Christian heritage.

    1. Avatar Joanne says:

      Very early, the orthodox Lutherans in Europe developed a hierarchy of images to be portrayed on altarpieces. As suggested here, the Lutherans put the crucifixion of Christ at the center with all other images revolving around it, but with the depiction of the Last Supper always placed in the predella right at the level of the altar table. Luther had told them he understood Christian art to be illustrative of the Gospel message and he wanted it painted on every wall space available, and the early Lutherans did just that. Everywhere you looked in and around the church building, there were Bible messaged in beautiful illustration. Follow this link to the earliest and best preserved example of the Lutheran application of speaking art: