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Reclaiming Family Virtue

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  1. Reclaiming is a great word to use – it is not militant, but sounds urgent in this decade of media words. Rebuilding might cast a shadow on the builders who must not have – done it right.

    I would also like to see a large hot air balloon in the sky with our LCMS stylized CROSS. What better way would there be to say, some religion is concerned about this problem. The balloon could be used in the service of a LCMS circuit that is concerned enough to pay for the expenses of traveling across our nation by sky or wheels. One might also believe in their LCMS doctrine, but they might also believe, the balloon in the sky over a few towns would draw newspaper and television reporters to a reclaiming project …. by ????

  2. Avatar PR says:

    What a wonderful way to approach the questions and discussion surrounding marriage and family today. Positive. Encouraging. Instructive. Reclaiming family and reclaiming vocations within family. Excellent application of Luther’s Table of Duties. Thank you!