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  1. Avatar Andrew says:

    Great reminder about daily living in our Baptism!

  2. Well written, Rev. Jordan McKinley,

    Perhaps the memberships of most all American churches are falling is because our pastors have not stressed evangelism as it could have been. There is much even the LCMS could do in our district, that never gets done when we consider a challenge and think, ” That is a job for a person who is more well trained.”

    The reality is, none of our Lords disciples had a Harvard education, but their curiosity soon turned into a team in progress. The more times we are called back into the Lord’s house during the week, the more we will have confidence to tell what we know about our Savior within our communities. That weekly return must be a cheerful return, and the message to the community would be, “We can’t live any other way.

    John .T. Moeller – Davenport, Iowa