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Music in Service of the Gospel

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  1. Avatar andy kaut says:

    Well put. And the ‘very least’ you write of should be a benchmark for growth in liturgical wealth, not a tiresome uniformity.

    The hymnal has 5 orders of service. In the course of a year, if all five aren’t used, there’s no good reason to ‘design ‘ a ‘liturgy ‘ outside of its pages.

  2. Avatar Randy says:

    So, are you saying that Pastor Woolsey’s music is improper?

  3. Avatar David says:

    I would love to be Lutheran; I was baptized and confirmed as Lutheran (Missouri Synod), but I can’t stand sitting through a liturgical service that is antiquated. Can you say “snore.” Who says that old hymns are the only way to worship? Music is only a reflection of the times and culture we live in. I’m sure that early Christians might think that our hymns are scandalous (musically). I wish there was a Lutheran church close to me that would embrace modern worship but still be rooted in the teachings of Luther (sola scriptura, salvation by grace through faith, etc.). The fact is that young people leave traditional denominations like Lutheranism because of their rigidity and inability to modernize in practice (not in doctrine). It’s ridiculous. I aspired to be a Lutheran pastor, but would never venture to do so because of this issue; I didn’t want to be trapped in a prison of tradition in a church that would not embrace change (sorry, but this was my experience). It wasn’t a matter of unbelief. So I became a youth pastor in a Pentecostal denomination. This was a mistake, because I was not doctrinally aligned with the denomination. What would someone like me do considering the few options I have?

  4. Avatar Mark C says:

    David, there are some beautiful hymns in the LSB that are not ancient. Three examples: Thy Strong Word, The Lamb, What is this Bread. One of my favorite things to sing is in the Order of Prayer and Preaching. It is the Old Testament Canticle, absolutely beautiful!

    Sadly, most “modern Christian” music does not reflect Lutheran doctrine. May I suggest you read the Fire and the Staff by Klemet Preus. It may help you with your struggle.

    God’s blessings to you. I pray you find the peace you seek.

  5. Avatar Carolyn Enyeart says:

    I love worship and that includes the beautiful music. Worship offers freedom – freedom in Christ. We are no longer bound by sin but are free in Christ’s shedding of His blood and His resurrection. The old hymns and liturgy convey the unchanging gospel message. New music and hymns, if they are gospel centered, convey the same thing. Therefore, both styles are uplifting and life-changing. They draw the sinner closer to God and remind him of the power of the Gospel. They lead the worshipper to the throne of God which is where the worshipper finds forgiveness, peace, and mercy. What better place is there? There is no better place to be than in God’s holy presence. I love both traditional and contemporary worship. They both offer God’s precious, holy gifts. I love to adore and worship God for His mercy, forgiveness, holiness, and steadfast and never-ending love.
    Worship is exciting. Tell me where there is a worship service and I’ll run to it!