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Life under Fire

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Comments (2)
  1. Avatar Elaine Ott says:

    All life is precious from conception no matter how conceived. Killing is killing. We need to pray for people to open their hearts to this and encourage them with God’s word for our life. We need hearts to change.

  2. Avatar Christine Howard says:

    ” we’re told convenience trumps life”. ALL contraception teaches this message, not just the Plan B, Ella, and abortion routes. As long as we believe we have the right to decide our family size (instead of God), we send the message that it is okay to prevent life. The methods can not truly be separated. It’s time to lift our heads from the sand and acknowledge that we have added to the argument, and so long as we champion the use of contraception in our homes, we will not win the fight. While the pill may be prescribed to treat other issues, it does not heal. It always works in the method it was made for, and with the newer versions, it is high on the progesterone, which thins the lining, making it inhospitable for a new life, and low on estrogen, the hormone touted for preventing ovulation. This means women are likely aborting their own children without thinking it through. How often will never be known, but if we are to claim that ALL life is precious from conception, we need to acknowledge the loss of our own. God is Lord. Lord of finances, Lord of creation. We speak of giving everything to Him, then withhold our fertility and our bodies, and make excuses as to why it is okay for us to do so. If we say children are a blessing, we must LIVE that children are a blessing, even if it means our family size is greater (sometimes much greater) than two children.