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Is There Hope for America?

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  1. Avatar Irv Stahlnecker says:

    If we put our hope in a worldly nation we will be let down. The United States of America holds no hope for humanity. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. As a Christian our commission is to lead individuals into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. We can’t simply legislate non-believers into behaving in a way we are comfortable with. We must lead people to Jesus.

  2. Avatar Michael Rakow says:

    One of the wonderful things about hope is that we humans are not limited to finding it in only one place or form. While it all springs initially from our Lord and Savior, it subsequently flows through ideas like those in the U.S. Constitution and actions like those of our leaders and warriors who have been willing to pay any price for liberty. It is certainly a frustrating improbability to expect the whole country to suddenly repent and seek Christ, but this does not mean that the U.S. “holds no hope for humanity”. Cast a glance across the globe, and I challenge us to find one nation where the freedom of opportunity to strive for such lofty aspirations has been more resolutely defended and maintained. Finding no such place, we naturally find the guiding hand of God and the hope that he has infused into the very soul of American existence – right there to run the course alongside all the messiness and inevitable missteps that are inherent in free democratic debate.