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God Grant Us a Blessed End

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  1. Avatar Kay Fuller says:

    A good summation. Thank you for your words.

  2. Avatar John T. Moeller says:

    Well said, And yet so fitting also in this season as we remember our Savior’s birth, and the later killing of the innocent children brought forth by the fear of the New unknown.

    Now more then ever in this generation much of our daily conflict is brought upon us by our refusal to accept the proper identity of our one true triune God. It’s like the world would reject our Lord in our government’s business, just because they are beginning to understand .. their god has a helper. The helper (Savior) who has been here all along to give them eternal life.

    Let us pray for the nation of Pakistan whose children desperately need to know someone died for them – before their very last breath is taken prematurely.