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Fall Reading List for Lutherans

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for this work. It’s a great summary and worth a read.

    My only observation is that duplicating it and making it available in the parish is much easier if it is 2 pages and not 3. But thank you!

    Pastor Todd Peperkorn

  2. Avatar Jonathan Lange says:

    Nice list, Dr. Vieth!
    I would only add that some of these titles are also available as audiobooks.

    The Book of Concord

    Martin Luther, Freedom of a Christian Man

    C. F. W. Walther, Law and Gospel

    Martin Luther, Bondage of the Will

  3. Avatar Jim Tallmon says:

    Thank you, Dr. Veith. I cannot imagine any more consistently active or substantive church press, over the past twenty years, than our own CPH! It is a good time to be Missouri Synod!

  4. Avatar Peter Kolb says:

    I would add Fire and the Staff by Klemet Preus. It is a great book that explains why we Lutherans do what we do.

  5. Avatar Pete Buchhop says:

    A great list. I would humbly add “The Calling: Live a Life of Significance” by Dr. Kurt Senske.

  6. Avatar Terry Weber says:

    I would add my recent book based on several years of church work as a Parish Nurse and as a church office worker, A Healthy Church Office by Terry Johnson Weber.

  7. Avatar Betty Steffen says:

    I love Daniel Preus’ book: Why I Am a Lutheran: Jesus at the Center….

  8. Avatar Betty Steffen says:

    I appreciate the list and have read many of the suggestions. All of them are great!

  9. Avatar Donna Lyon says:

    Thank you for a great list! We have most of these in our church library.