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  1. Avatar Rev. Travis Loeslie says:

    This is a great idea. It is time to grasp the language and tune of eternity’s song. If only we could grasp our Lutheran hymns, our piety would finally catch up with the way God serves us in the divine service. Our hymns and liturgy make us so unique among the mass of contemporary American Christianity. We have a rich heritage in our hymnals that we can meditate on and inwardly digest before we rush off to other sources, e.g. Christian rock stations, CCM publishers, etc., longing after food for our souls.

    The best Christian hymns go a perilous way. They do not not immediately foster a shallow, emotional reaction (toward religious enthusiasm) or an overly-triumphant religious high (a theology of glory). Either one would direct us to find true religion, and even salvation, in ourselves somehow, instead of in Christ. The Lutheran chorale at its best directs us to Christ, our Lord, and edifies with the Word of God, in Law and Gospel. Christ gives us His Spirit in His Word. The Spirit might give us an emotional effect, the joy of the Gospel. It is an effect of the Holy Spirit’s dwelling in us. Christ rules in the conscience by His Word of promise. Christ makes us confident of our salvation in Him through His Word sung in these faithful hymns. Faith is certain in Him. The blood of His cross covers all our sin. We have a new song to sing in Him. Thank you for your insightful article.