Readable, reliable Bible translations

Dr. John Sias is to be commended for stressing the importance of a readable, reliable Bible translation in today’s language and also for warning of translator bias (“Handing on the Word of Truth,” Nov.). The ideal translation would be one…

Living a life of significance

What perfect timing! Dr. Kurt Senske’s article on “Living a Life of Significance” (Nov.) arrived just prior to an upcoming job interview. I reread the article the night before the interview and slept like a baby! No word on the…

To the Reader

by David L. Strand In his preface to the 1983 Convention Proceedings, the late Synod Secretary Herbert Mueller wrote: “The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is a grand old lady—old but spry! Many of us have learned to love her even more…

The View from Here: The Legend of the Nazarene

by Augusta Mennell

What is the most popular religion in the world? It may be “the legend of the Nazarene.” Wherever I go I find it alive and prospering. Certainly, it is my biggest challenge in campus ministry at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center.

Epiphany Must Go On!

by Dr. Lewis W. Spitz Sr. Epiphany–a beautiful word! Beautiful because it designates the Lord’s appearing among men and the manifestation of His glory. Today we primarily commemorate the manifestation of God to the Magi, or Wise Men from the…

The Boy Jesus

by Rev. Jared Melius In the face of numerous adjustments to our lectionaries over the past generation, our churches still encounter one very important passage nearly every January—the account of Jesus as a young boy in the temple (Luke 2:41–52).…

Rejoice in Open Doors!

by Rev. Dr. Greg Wismar Open to me the gates of righteousness.” Those words from Ps. 118:19 are deeply meaningful to our experience of the entire Christian year. Our life together in the year of the Church centers on Easter…

Jesus: Beginning the Conversation

by Rev. Dr. David P. Scaer Polls taken in October show church members are less informed about religion than the non-churched, but we Americans are more often in church than Europeans. Since we are religious, we should engage in talking…

Finding Strength in the Holy Communion

Often times, it’s easy for those of us who are lifelong Lutherans to take aspects of our church life for granted. But for a new Lutheran, joining a church that confesses Christ’s bodily presence in the Lord’s Supper is comforting, reassuring, and just plain exciting!

Witness, Mercy, Life Together: A Threefold Key to Our Future

This month, Pastor Harrison offers some practical and hopeful ways for the church to begin to move forward in Christ-centered unity. For more on pastors preaching the Gospel, congregations showing mercy to their neighbors, and the church living together under Christ’s forgiveness, read on.

Designing the Ultimate Stroller

Learn how you as a Lutheran parent can pass the faith on to your children.

Lutheran Malaria Initiative

Join with Lutherans to eliminate malaria deaths in Africa.

Lutherans and Culture

How can we as Lutherans live in but not succumb to the culture?

10 Minutes with…Rev. Glenn Merritt

See how Rev. Glenn Merritt is still helping Haiti recover.

Witness, Mercy, Life Together.

Read how Christ leads the Church in living and working together.

Rev. James Linderman, former district president, dies

Rev. James R. Linderman, former president of the LCMS Texas District, died Jan. 1 of lung cancer at his home in Austin, Texas.  He was 75. The funeral service was held Jan. 5 at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Austin.  LCMS President Emeritus…