CTCR explores ways to share environment-stewardship study

As it develops “Together With All Creatures,” a document on Christian stewardship of the environment, the LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) will hold a second consultation to garner ideas so it can be used by a college professor, or a fourth grader in a Lutheran school, or a pastor who teaches a Bible class.
Ideas for formats and delivery methods for the document will be explored with a group of consultants, which will meet with the CTCR on Sept. 21, according to Dr. Joel Lehenbauer, executive director. He said the commission also intends to offer a smaller version for audiences as varied as students at LCMS universities, young adults, school children, and laity in congregations.

In September, the commission will review a completed draft of the document, prepared by Dr. Charles Arand, a CTCR member and professor of systematic theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  “Together With All Creatures” follows a 2007 LCMS convention resolution that asked for a biblical and confessional document on responsible Christian stewardship of the environment.

At the September meeting, the commission also will continue work on “The Creator’s Tapestry,” its document on the scriptural relationship of men and women. Lehenbauer said a major portion of the CTCR’s April 23-25 meeting was devoted to a review of the document, which currently consists of a discussion of basic and foundational scriptural passages speaking to the relationship of man and woman.

A revised and expanded draft, which will be prepared for the next meeting, will seek to apply those Scripture passages and principles to life issues, Lehenbauer said. He listed examples such as cultural influences on the understanding of man-woman relationships; Christian men and women relating to one other in contexts other than marriage; the challenges for Christians who are not married; violence and oppressive behavior toward women; and appropriate leadership by men and women in society and in the church.

During the April meeting, Rev. Larry Vogel was installed as associate executive director. The CTCR plans to interview candidates for a vacant third staff position at its fall meeting.

In other action, the commission approved an article on Christian vocation for use in the “What A Way” effort to recruit and retain professional church workers. Requested by the director, Dr. L. Dean Hempelmann, the document speaks of God’s working through Christians in all walks of life.

Posted May 5, 2009 

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