Call for Nominations: assistant director, Ministry to the Armed Forces

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is seeking nominations for the position of assistant director, Ministry to the Armed Forces, Board for Mission Services.

The assistant director, Ministry to the Armed Forces, serves as the primary executive officer for the Ministry to the Armed Forces, overseeing, for the director, all administrative aspects of the unit.  Specifically serves as the editor of the quarterly Armed Forces So Help Me, God newsletter, coordinates and supervises all aspects of the Synod’s “Ministry-by-Mail” program, including writing and/or selecting appropriate devotional and inspirational literature and overseeing all mailing operations within the MAF unit and at Concordia Publishing House; oversees the chaplain candidate program at both seminaries, as defined in the LCMS chaplain guidelines, to include but not be limited to recruitment, training, logistics, and guest speakers; oversees the maintenance of the current roster and personnel files (both computerized and hard copy) for all military, Veterans Administration, Civil Air Patrol, and Board of Prison chaplains; retains appropriate historical materials and coordinates with Concordia Historical Institute their proper retention and documentation; assists the MAF director in conducting official visits with active duty, VA, CAP, and BOP chaplains, their supervisors, and commanders; serves as the financial officer for the Ministry to the Armed Forces, assisting in the preparation of annual budgets and reviewing and approving expenditures under the guidance of the director and the Ministry to the Armed Forces Committee, and assists in preparing materials for the solicitation of funds in support of Ministry to the Armed Forces; assists the director in the planning and execution of active duty Lutheran Chaplain Professional Development Seminars and VA Chaplain Seminars; and serves as the special projects officer for the director and for the Ministry to the Armed Forces Committee, overseeing the execution of periodic programs or special projects adopted in support of military ministry.

Qualified nominees must have an M.Div. degree or higher, be proficient in theology and knowledgeable in current trends of missiological thought as these apply to the armed forces, with at least five years of active duty experience in military service; must be respected by their peers in the chaplaincy, good reputation, and possess a working knowledge of the various branches of the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs; demonstrated writing and editing skills for all MAF publications; must have excellent computer skills, including Web site construction and management; and experience in the preparation of budgets and the management of financial data, as well as in the supervision of office administration; be an active member of a Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod congregation, faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, and supportive of the Synod’s Constitution, Bylaws, and policies.

Nominations should be submitted by May 30 to Barbara Ryan, Executive Director of Human Resources, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122;; fax: (314) 996-1121.

Posted May 1, 2008

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