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While on vacation in Canada this summer, Kristy, of St. Louis, and her husband, Michael, decided to get pedicures.  When the manicurist found out Michael was a seminary student, she was surprised a pastor-to-be could be married.  That gave Kristy an opportunity to talk about denominational differences and what Lutherans believe — something the manicurist “was really interested in,” Kristy says.  “I went for relaxation, but I left rejuvenated that God was at work!”

Kristy’s is just one of dozens of faith-sharing stories posted on the Ablaze! Web site at as a way of encouraging others to share their faith.

Here’s a sample:

  • Michael and other members of his Cleveland congregation sat outside their church, handing out free bottles of water and offering to pray with passersby.  “Within four hours, we prayed with 31 people and were able to speak of God’s love in Christ Jesus,” Michael writes.

  • Ray, of Weston, Fla., invited a fellow Rotary Club member to join him at worship.  “Many of my fellow Rotary members are unbelievers,” Ray writes, but Melissa, who’s “had a very rough time going through a divorce,” accepted his offer, joining Ray and his wife at a Sunday service.

  • After sharing her faith with one of her patients, a home-care nurse in Sebring, Fla., led him in daily devotions and taught him from her Small Catechism.  When the patient, Henry, agreed to be baptized, the nurse asked her pastor to visit Henry and baptize him.  After that, the pastor visited Henry every week with Holy Communion for the last two years of the ailing man’s life.
  • “Henry is with the Lord because his nurse shared her faith and the Gospel from her Small Catechism,” wrote the pastor, Scott.  “She called her pastor to seal in baptism what the Holy Spirit had already done.  The witness of this nurse made possible the ministry of Word and Sacrament, which brought a new saint into the kingdom of God.”

    To read — or submit — a faith-sharing story, visit the Ablaze! Web site at www.lcms.org/ablaze.

    Posted Oct. 2, 2008

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