Web sites offer resources on Synod schools, church careers

For more information about the Synod’s 10 Concordia University System schools and its two seminaries — as well as the various church-worker vocations available today — check out the following:

* “What a Way,” a four-year-old initiative to recruit and retain profesweb-site.jpgsional church workers, offers a number of resources designed to support current workers and encourage others to consider church vocations.  Among them are curriculum materials for students in kindergarten through Grade 8; resources designed to help congregations host a “recruitment Sunday” or “Concordia Sunday”; a DVD about church careers; and a Web site at www.whataway.org that offers information about church careers, LCMS colleges and seminaries, continuing education, staying healthy, and related topics.  For information, call (800) 248-1930, Ext. 1258.

* “For the Sake of the Church,” a 12-year program that aims to double the number of LCMS students on CUS campuses and establish a $400 million endowment to support their education.  The program’s goal is to raise LCMS student enrollment at CUS schools to at least 8,614 for the 2010-11 school year.  This fall, CUS schools reported a total of 4,841 LCMS students.

As of June 30, the campaign’s endowment fund had reached $159 million.  Earnings from the fund are being used primarily to provide scholarships to Lutheran students.  For more information, visit the Web site or call (800) 248-1930, Ext. 1252.

* The Synod’s Boards for Pastoral Education and University Education, which offer information about church careers and CUS schools and seminaries.  Visit the Web sites for Pastoral Education or for University Education.  For more information, call (800) 248-1930 (Ext. 1258 for Pastoral Education or Ext. 1252 for University Education).

Posted Nov. 29, 2007

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