“Luther on Mission”

I was astounded to read in the October 2007 lead article, page 7: “Luther lived in a world with very few ‘evangelism opportunities’ of the sort we in the 21st century have.  He met, at most, a couple dozen unbaptized…

“The Nativity Story”

A number of LCMS congregations, schools, and youth groups are using the film “The Nativity Story” as a community outreach tool. If this pertains to you, you may want to use the Dec. 2006 Lutheran Witness story on this movie as a helpful discussion guide.

The Greatest Gift of All

Thinking about Christmas and Christmas gifts, the love with which they are purchased and exchanged, and the sacrifice that often is involved reminds us that these same factors are descriptive also of the greatest gift of all.

Obligated to Give?

Our congregation is conducting its annual stewardship drive. In the past my husband and I have given generously, but because of serious concerns about the direction the church and school are taking, we no longer feel we can support them.…

Keeping Christ in Christmas

  M   is for the Miraculous gift God gave to mankind. E is for the Everlasting life He left behind. R is for the Richest love He gave to you and me. R is for the Redemption He blessed…

Dealing with a Complicated Medical History

by Theresa M. Shaltanis, M.A., L.P.C. I have a long and complicated medical history. I could have yet another surgery, but I may end up worse than I am now, or even die during the operation. I would rather go…

Christmas Journeys

by Rev. Terence Groth “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go.” This poem and song, whose “dapple gray” originally pulled his sleigh-riders through “the white and drifted snow” to Thanksgiving dinner, also has versions where…

Sharing the Faith in East Moline

by Rev. Ronald E. Nelson Mision Gracia (Grace Mission), East Moline, Ill., is a ministry of the Central Illinois District, partially funded by gifts to Fan into Flame. District Missionary-at-Large Pablo Dominguez directs the ministry. Currently serving the Quad Cities…

A wake-up call

The December Letter to the Editor (below) titled “Wake Up Call” was so sad to see. The confilct between the beliefs of the Masons and LCMS are clear. What is also clear is Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 18:15-17. Has this…

A Light in a World Gone Dark

Despite the darkness of this world, there is a Light that darkness cannot overcome. I will let that Light be my guide.

From Heaven Above

The gentle faith of a stepfather makes a young Thai boy marvel at the Good News of Christmas–and wonder what it means for him.

A Blossoming Ministry

This month, 4,000 volunteers will help with the Lutheran Laymen’s League “mission statement on wheels” at the Tournament of Roses Parade.

What a Gift!

We all remember special gifts from Christmases past, but the one great Gift remains the Son our heavenly Father sent to us.

Enduring the Silence of God

How do we endure His silence in times of suffering and persecution? The question is a very real and practical one for the Church and for each one of us.

The Comfort of the Incarnation

Written 472 years ago this Christmas, Martin Luther’s Christmas letter to Prince Joachim remains a testimony to Luther’s pastoral theology.

Requests for Reinstatement (December)

LARRY OETTING, Seward, Neb., and ROBERT E. WILLIAMS, Saginaw, Mich., have applied for reinstatement to the Minister of Religion-Commissioned roster of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.  Correspondence regarding these applications should be directed to the undersigned for receipt no later than…