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The letter to the Editor in the August issue of The Lutheran Witness, by Jack Pierce, is very informative and well written. Mr. Pierce’s letter was in reference to the article in the May issue of The Lutheran Witness, “Is God Green?” by Rev. Matthew Nelson.  I highly commend Mr. Pierce for his letter. It is right on target on the subject of global warming, from a Biblical standpoint. If you missed Mr. Pierce’s letter you need to go back and read it….you will be glad that you did!!
From my perspective, I am now adding some additional information on the subject of global warming. I quote the following excerpts from an article in “RANGE” August 2007 issue, a reliable publication, published in Carson City, Nevada. 

PRO & CON by Tim Findley
The “moral high ground” on global warming is being established with enormous economic and political implications, particularly to the United States, which is held to blame for the bulk of the problems created by CO2 emissions. Economist George Reisman of Pepperdine University has said that meeting United Nations’ goals for reduction of emissions in the United States would result in “economic devastation.” So-called “developing nations” such as China and India would be exempt from dire reductions in emissions in order to allow them to “catch up” with the richer western world. But the political reality is that by reducing production and consumer use in the U.S. and other “developed” nations, the impact would be felt most by imposing conditions of new poverty on their citizens.
There is no such “consensus.” Several scientists have complained of attempts to pressure or intimidate them into accepting that premise, but reputable climate scientists all over the world argue that global warming is mainly the result of solar activity which can be seen on Neptune and Mars as well, and which has happened before in geologic history, long before the use of fossil fuels. Despite disagreements among scientists, the apparent “bandwagon” rush to agree that humans are responsible for global warming is orchestrated more by political agenda than by general scientific knowledge or agreement.

Mr. Pierce says it all with no wasted words. Therefore, I have no additional comments, from a Biblical standpoint, so I will quote from the first paragraph of his letter. “The green revolution can encompass many areas that RELEGATE GOD TO A BYSTANDER in the formation of this earth.” (Capitals my emphasis)
Joan Bushong
Mt. Home, Texas


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