Keeping Christ in Christmas


M   is for the Miraculous gift God gave to mankind.
E is for the Everlasting life He left behind.
R is for the Richest love He gave to you and me.
R is for the Redemption He blessed us with.
Y is for the Yearning to meet Him in paradise.
C is for the Child He gave us, His Son Jesus Christ.
H is for the Healing He gives to us.
R is for the Redeemer that is good and kind.
I is for the Innocence we lost in Eden.
S is for the Sacrifice He made for all.
T is for the Tenderness He shows in His smile.
M is for the Miracle of His virgin birth.
A is for the Adoration we give Him.
S is for the Satisfaction we receive in the end.

Ron Hollander
Boca Raton, Fla.

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