Calls for Nominations (July)

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is announcing a call for nominations for the position of assistant executive director of the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR).  Principal responsibilities include assisting the executive director in carrying out his responsibilities and providing leadership and guidance in the areas of theology and church relations.  This position maintains a close liaison with the staff of the Office of the President, providing assistance to the president as requested.  The position executes research projects and prepares resource materials and drafts, participates in all meetings of the commission, participates in ecumenical meetings and dialogues as assigned, provides theological expertise for various task forces and committees, provides information and facilitates the preparation of evaluations on religious organizations and movements, and provides direction and counsel to other synodical boards and commissions in this area. 

Required qualifications include being an ordained LCMS clergyman with an advanced degree in theology, a minimum of three years in the parish ministry, ability to carry on and supervise theological research, experience in church relations (such as serving on inter-synodical and ecumenical committees and consultation).

Nominations should be submitted by Aug. 24 to Barbara Ryan, Director of Human Resources, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122-7295;; fax: (314) 996-1121.


The LCMS Board for District and Congregational Services (DCS) is seeking nominations for a director of Stewardship and Congregational Life.  The director will report directly to and be accountable to the executive director.  The director serves as a member of the DCS team and has specific responsibility for partnering with district leaders to ignite and continue a “Stewardship Renaissance” within the LCMS by partnering with districts and other entities to train and equip pastors and other church leaders to nurture God’s people that they may recognize His gifts in all aspects of life and freely and joyfully manage their resources to the glory of God, both within the life of the congregation and their own daily lives.

The director will be primarily responsible for managing, developing, and implementing objectives and action plans for Stewardship and Congregational Life Ministry in accordance with DCS desired outcomes; making available and advocating the use of stewardship and Congregational Life materials at LCMS universities, seminaries, and at national and district conferences; making recommendations to the board for ministry initiatives; developing and administering the program’s budget, supporting the production of leadership materials and services including orientation and training for equipping stewardship and church-life leaders of the church; maintaining a network of leaders and building relationships for identifying and sharing resources and mutual evaluation for growth in Christian stewardship, regularly assessing the needs of congregations, districts, and district executives leading the development of resources to meet those needs; fostering stewardship and Congregational Life as an integral part of other DCS ministry initiatives; working with districts in planning conferences; and working closely with the executive director on special projects as needed, and keeping him informed of the activities and feedback received related to stewardship and Congregational Life initiatives.

Nominees must be ordained ministers of the LCMS, faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, with a minimum of 10 years experience in parish, district, or national ministry; a member of an LCMS congregation who is supportive of the Synod’s Constitution, Bylaws, and policies and familiar with the structure, polity, organization, policies, and procedures of the Synod; be a visionary and proactive leader in stewardship and congregational life; have a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the Word and Sacrament ministry of the Church in today’s world; have the demonstrated ability to function as a members of the DCS team; maintain supportive relationships with districts; be able to work and coordinate persons and groups in a variety of related ministries and services; have experience in writing, public speaking, conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops; and have authored published articles on subjects related to stewardship and congregational life.

Nominations should be submitted by July 31 to Barbara Ryan, Executive Director of Human Resources, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122;; fax (314) 996-1121.


The LCMS Board for Communication Services is accepting nominations and applications for the position of managing editor of The Lutheran Witness.  The managing editor is responsible for the gathering and editing of materials for inclusion in The Lutheran Witness, the Synod’s official magazine, as well as supervising its production.

Included among the responsibilities entailed in this position are keeping abreast of mission and ministry activities within the Synod, taking into account the church year, special events, contemporary issues, geographical coverage, Christian education, mission outreach, variety of format, reader research, and feedback.

In addition, the managing editor is responsible for commissioning and overseeing the work of writers, photographers, and graphic artists whose work is to be published, and working with freelance writers, photographers, and graphic artists as needed.

The managing editor also is responsible for submitting articles to Doctrinal Review, making necessary changes as determined by the doctrinal reviewer.  Further, he or she works with members of the Board for Communication Services in maintaining The Lutheran Witness Web site.  This position also serves as liaison with synodical departments, institutions, and agencies for the purpose of gathering news and other information.

The essential qualifications of this position are a bachelor’s degree in communications or a communications-related field, preferably journalism; minimum five years of practical experience in the field of communications; demonstrated ability to work with internal and external customers; demonstrated capability and interest in writing and editing as evidenced by published materials and other written pieces; and broad-based biblical knowledge and solid understanding of LCMS doctrine, practice, structure, and governance.


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