Call for Nominations: Commission on Worship (September)

The LCMS Commission on Worship, St. Louis, is seeking nominations for an executive director.  The executive director reports to the Commission, which is responsible to the president of the Synod.  The executive director is responsible for administering the functions and duties of the Commission in accordance with the Synod’s objectives and policies as set forth in the 2004 Handbook and as directed by the Commission.  The primary responsibilities of the position are to propose programs to the Commission that will carry out the purposes and aims of the Synod in matters of worship; assist the Commission in formulating policies and procedures for carrying out its objectives and goals; provide leadership to the Commission in fulfilling specific resolutions of the Synod in convention relating to matters of worship; develop long- and short-range plans for conducting, evaluating, and improving the Commission’s activities and services; offer recommendations for the establishment of priorities, strategy, funding, and execution of the same; plan and implement the educational role of the Commission; periodically review the performance and effectiveness of the Commission’s programs and report the results to the Commission and the president; provide administrative staff services, including preparing the operating budget and agendas; be accountable for the technical and professional work of the Commission and other various adjunct committees involved in the production of worship materials; advise the Commission on the selection of qualified individuals to work on adjunct committees; develop and maintain a roster of resource people qualified to enlighten, inspire, and instruct in the area of theologically sound and artistically good worship materials; coordinate the approval of all literature relating to corporate Christian workshops made available through Synod’s various boards, commissions, committees, auxiliaries, and Concordia Publishing House; serve as the liaison between the Commission and its constituencies; and interpret the programs and services of the Commission through public presentations and other media.

Nominees must be active members of an LCMS congregation, faithful to the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, supportive of the Synod’s constitution, bylaws, and policies; a rostered minister of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, with experience in worship and music; a minimum of five years of parish experience; possess significant knowledge and resourcefulness, coupled with sound judgment in the fields of theology, liturgy, hymnody, church music, and related arts; and proven competence in communicating and demonstrated capacity for providing administrative leadership.

Nominations should be submitted by Oct. 31 to Barbara Ryan, Executive Director, Human Resources, 1333 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122;; fax: (314) 996-1121.

Posted July 30, 2007

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