CTCR: Placing children in homosexual contexts is contrary to doctrine

Placing of foster or adoptive children into homosexual households would be contrary to the LCMS doctrinal position, according to an opinion by the Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR).  The opinion was posted June 21 on the CTCR Web site.

Responding to a request from Rev. Matthew Harrison, executive director of LCMS World Relief/ Human Care, the commission adopted the opinion during its May meeting.   Such opinions are made public when the CTCR receives permission from the requesting individual or organization.

The complete text of the opinion follows.

“The Board for Human Care of the LCMS has asked the Commission on Theology and Church Relations ‘to comment on the matter of LCMS recognized agencies placing adopted or foster children into homosexual contexts.’  In response to this request, the Commission states the following:

“While Scripture does not specifically address social and political questions concerning the adoption (or foster care) of children, the Bible does clearly teach (as the Synod has repeatedly stated) that ‘homophile behavior is intrinsically sinful’ (1973 Res. 2-04), that ‘same-sex unions are, according to the Scriptures, contrary to the will of the Creator and sin against the commandments of God’ (1998 Res. 3-21), and that the God-given union of husband and wife in marriage ‘is the only proper context for human procreation’ (1983 Res. 3-14).

“On the basis of the clear teaching of Scripture regarding homosexual behavior and about God’s will and design for marriage and the family as foundational units for society as a whole, it is the opinion of the CTCR that a policy of placing adopted or foster children into homosexual contexts would stand in opposition to the official doctrinal position of the LCMS.”

Posted June 30, 2006

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