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Synod joins court brief for judge under fire for marriage view

The LCMS has joined in an amicus brief as Wyoming officials seek to remove Judge Ruth Neely, an LCMS Lutheran, from the bench.

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Controversial but not Complicated

It is not that we believe that freedom of religion overrules freedom of speech, but rather we believe that religious institutions ought to remain faithful to their beliefs.

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Next FTBF discussion: churches’ tax-exempt status

KFUO’s Kip Allen discusses the topic with guests from Alliance Defending Freedom and the Heritage Foundation.

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Commentary: Why corporations are wrong about the Mississippi law

Big business is trying to “rebrand” religious liberty as bigotry by distorting the facts about policies supported by Americans.

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Lutheran, Anglican leaders discuss religious freedom

The Feb. 8 Faith and Freedom Forum at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, features presidents of Lutheran Church—Canada, the Anglican Church in North America and the LCMS.

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