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Time to Show Up

Working alongside other organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the LCMS launched “Free to be Faithful” in 2012.

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Rabbi confirmed as U.S. ambassador for religious freedom

The Senate has confirmed Rabbi David Saperstein, making him the first non-Christian to hold the job.

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“Where Do I Fit In?” — The New “What Does This Mean?”

Paul was not meant to “fit into” society. He was sent to proclaim Christ. We were not meant to “fit into” society. We were meant to shine as lights in a dark world (Phil. 2:15-16).

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State Department: Religious persecution makes migrants out of millions

The State Department’s annual religious freedom report focuses heavily on discrimination, impunity and the displacement of religious minorities.

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Shaped by the Cross

So, you are a Christian? Congratulations! You belong to the faith where you are expected to suffer in this life.

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