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Godly and Dignified In Every Way

We are called to responsible and agreeable citizenry. However, should the government require something of us that violates our Christian conscience, which is shaped, guided and normed by the Word of God, our honoring the First Commandment (and the rest of Scripture too) would overrule any civic ordinance.

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Are the unborn human?

How do we contend for life in a pro-choice world?

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2015 State of the Synod

God help us. He does, and He will. End times? Yes, indeed. “God is faithful,” as the apostle says (1 Cor. 1:9). And this faith in Christ is “a living, busy, active, mighty thing.”

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Lee: Losing tax-exempt status could be ‘devastating blow’

Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) says during a Sept. 15 webinar that losing tax-exempt status over religious-liberty infringements would be an especially harsh blow for churches.

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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

The world isn’t waiting for the Church to make a reasonable argument for the Gospel. The world simply wants the Church to be quiet.

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