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Audio: Religious Freedom Day

Hear for yourself what National Religious Freedom day is all about, and how you and your friends can join the movement to stand for religious liberty for all!

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Genius and Courage

When it is commonly said that America was founded as a “Christian Nation,” that is only true in the sense that the overwhelming number of the founders were Christians, and that they recognized the benefit Christianity affords government.

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‘Religious Freedom Day’ resources available

The Synod’s “Free to be Faithful” website adds resources for the Jan. 16 observance.

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In the January ‘Lutheran Witness’

Readers can learn how Christians are “Free to be Faithful” with regard to key social and religious issues today, specifically those of marriage, life and religious liberty.

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Students prevail in snowplow-painting dispute

Two awards announced Dec. 17 by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty have put two LCMS schools back in the spotlight for an incident that took place in October.

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Harrison encourages LCMS to ‘not grow weary’ in public square

“We can’t step back. We must participate,” LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison says during a Nov. 13 “Free to Be Faithful” webinar.

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