Free to Be Faithful


Godly and Dignified In Every Way

We are called to responsible and agreeable citizenry. However, should the government require something of us that violates our Christian conscience, which is shaped, guided and normed by the Word of God, our honoring the First Commandment (and the rest of Scripture too) would overrule any civic ordinance.

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Free to be Faithful KFUO Interview with Erik Stanley

Attorney Erik Stanley (Alliance Defending Freedom) and KFUO moderator Kip Allen discuss the impact of religious liberty on schools and students and talks about preparing religious institutions from secular challenges. Click here to listen to or download the podcast.

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Can the Government Take Away Our Freedom?

Words shape thoughts–or threaten them. In this case, the freedom to be a Christian—or a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or nothing at all—is relegated to private activity in segregated space.

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Are the unborn human?

How do we contend for life in a pro-choice world?

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Winning ‘Free to be Faithful’ college essays available

Four winning essays present ways in which Lutherans can remain faithful on campus, despite the pressures of academia, peers and the culture.

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Good, Right and Beautiful

Marriage is one of the many gifts God gives to us. It is right, good and beautiful in His eyes.

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