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Why I Didn’t Terminate My Child with Down Syndrome

God creates each and every life, and He doesn’t make mistakes. Even people who require extra care and are not “productive” by our society’s standards — or perhaps especially these people — are created for God’s own glory and pleasure. Who are we to decide that the lives these people lead are not worth living?

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Audio: Listen to 2015 LCMS Life Conference presentations

The LCMS Life Ministry offers audio presentations from our 2015 LCMS Life Conference.

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Smith: ‘Stampede of emotion’ dictating suicide debate

Wesley Smith, one of the nation’s premier expert thinkers in bioengineering, addresses the LCMS in a March 10 “Free to be Faithful” webinar.

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Smith to discuss life and death in webinar

The Discovery Institute’s Wesley Smith will speak to and take questions from LCMS members during a March 10 “Free to Be Faithful” webinar.

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Time to Show Up

Working alongside other organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the LCMS launched “Free to be Faithful” in 2012.

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Offering ‘Christ-Centered Services’ with Freedom

Increasingly, Christian and faith-based organizations are facing pressure to provide services without regard to sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity, even if it runs contrary to their religious beliefs or convictions. Read how one LCMS Recognized Service Organization in Iowa is taking a stand in the public square for religious liberty, life and marriage […]

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