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Suggestions for Lent 2015

The season of anticipation is almost upon us! How will your congregation mark it? Here are some suggestions toward a fuller celebration this Advent in your congregation.

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Reaching Rural America for Christ Newsletter – February 2015

In this issue from LCMS’ Rural & Small Town Mission (RSTM), suggestions for how smaller congregations can have vibrant choral ministries are provided. In addition, general information about the ongoing Engaging Your Community (EYC) events and monthly free webinars is communicated.

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StewardCAST Newsletter – January 2015

In this issue from LCMS’ Stewardship Ministry, the concept of faithful stewardship is discussed in regards to individuals making New Year’s resolutions. If these resolutions start with the Lord, as they should, then the people making them will surely be led to results that are pleasing to God.

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Audio: Religious Freedom Day

Hear for yourself what National Religious Freedom day is all about, and how you and your friends can join the movement to stand for religious liberty for all!

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Photo gallery: 2015 TABOO National LCMS Campus Ministry Conference

See photographs from the 2015 TABOO National LCMS Campus Ministry Conference at Saint Louis University.

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Parish Nurse Newsletter – Winter 2014-2015

In this issue, you will find articles written by parish nurses and others that share ideas and resources for promoting health of body and soul in congregations and communities, both here in the United States and throughout the world.

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