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A Bowl of Soup

This issue explores how together we bear Christ’s mercy and defend the blessing of religious freedom in our land in order to more boldly confess Christ in word and deed.

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Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison Letter: The Time to Act

Our D.C. office will produce significant briefs on vital topics, such as the two kingdoms teaching. It will provide contact with LCMS elected officials, as well as encouragement and training for LCMS members (and other Lutherans) interested in running for office or serving in government. It will be a locus for the many young LCMS […]

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10 Questions with Jordan Gehrke

Political consultant and LCMS Lutheran Jordan Gehrke has 15 years of political experience. A partner at Pulse Red Communications, he spends his days inside the Beltway providing strategic advice to candidates like the newly elected Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who won the November 2014 election in a landslide.

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Time to Show Up

Working alongside other organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the LCMS launched “Free to be Faithful” in 2012.

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LCMS MAF, SPM Chaplains Minister Where Needed Most

As LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF) chaplains provide spiritual care for our men and women serving in the military, the Synod’s Specialized Pastoral Ministry (SPM) chaplains also minister to those with specific needs: the sick, the imprisoned, the aging, the troubled, the conflicted and the isolated.

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Baltic Churches Bear Mercy through Multigenerational Ministries

Diaconia work in the Baltics is flourishing with LCMS church partners.

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