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First Graduations Take Place at LCMS-Supported Tanzania Center

The LCMS Global Seminary Initiative is helping to raise up church workers for the Tanzanian Lutheran church.

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Mission Friends: Updated Curriculum Explores Work in 35 Countries

Beginning June 15, 2015, the LCMS Office of International Mission is releasing an updated version of Mission Friends, a free program for children that explores mission work around the world.

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Rethinking Educational Ministries within Congregations

As we look for better ways to teach the Gospel and the Lutheran Confessions to adults and children alike, it’s no surprise to find the Bible helps.

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Steward’s Corner: Tackling God’s Mission ‘On the Cheap’

Some may believe there are less expensive ways to provide pastors and send missionaries, and they are right. Like other church bodies, the LCMS could do it “on the cheap.” But why would we? Are not faithful pastors and courageous missionaries worthy of our greatest levels of generosity? They carry the one, true Gospel to […]

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U.S. Church Planting: A New Initiative for the LCMS

The LCMS is in the beginning stages of creating a church-planting initiative to help districts, circuits and congregations.

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New Work in an Ancient Land

Christianity has been in Ethiopia for nearly 2,000 years. It became the state religion in 330 A.D. when Archbishop Athanasius of Alexandria sent a bishop to Ethiopia, resulting in the birth of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, and it remains the predominant religion to this day.

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