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Letter from Rev. Robson: Rejoice! Your Name Is Written in Heaven

Rejoice, dear reader, as you encounter much witness and labor under the Lord’s will — your work, your prayers and contributions, as well as those of your fellow redeemed — in the January-February issue of Lutherans Engage the World.

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Christ’s Care for Children’s Bodies and Souls in Kenya

The LCMS’ new initiative “Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya” provides the opportunity to sponsor children like the boys from the Othoro school.

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An Out-of-the-Box Missionary

The LCMS is actively partnering with districts, congregations and Recognized Service Organizations to place missionaries like the Rev. Adam DeGroot in Philadelphia.

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Puya (left) is a convert to Christianity. “I saw the Bible as truth by learning about Jesus’ love and His death on the cross,” he says.

Puya: The Story of a Middle Eastern Refugee in Germany

Puya is a refugee in Berlin, where he attends Dreieinigkeits-Gemeinde (Trinity Lutheran Church) in Berlin-Steglitz, a congregation of the SELK.

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Bread for Body and Soul

Castillo Fuerte, a mercy house operated by LCMS missionaries in Lima, Peru, recently started providing lunch to children in the impoverished La Victoria district.

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Convivencia: Multiethnic Ministry in Arkansas

Salem Lutheran Church in Springdale, Ark., holds a monthly bilingual worship service for its Hispanic congregation — Iglesia Luterana Cristo Para Todos, or Christ for All Lutheran Church.

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