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Steward’s Corner: Cutting Unnecessary Costs

Two years ago, giving to the Global Mission Fund was promoted as a new, efficient way to support our Synod’s national and international Witness, Mercy, Life Together work. We made a commitment to steward your gifts wisely, and we strive to maximize the “deployable” portion of every gift.

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Giving from the Heart to Support Missions and Missionaries

By supporting LCMS missionaries or by giving to the LCMS Global Mission Fund, donors play a key role in Gospel proclamation, disaster response and human care activities at home and abroad.

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Leading By Faith and Example

Several young, Boston-area professionals faithfully support their congregations and the work of the church through the Lutheran Malaria Initiative, serving as role models of Christian stewardship.

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Giving her firstfruits

Claire Kuddes, a widow from Independence, Mo., gives $50 a month to the LCMS for mercy work and sees it as her way of carrying out the Great Commission as instructed by Christ in Scripture.

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Network Enables Missionaries to be Fishers of Men

Soon, 29 new LCMS missionaries will venture out onto mission fields across the globe. Standing behind them is a network of support designed to go the distance in meeting each missionary’s needs so that nothing impedes the proclamation of the Gospel. How does this ‘net’ work and how can you be part of it? It’s […]

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Mission Society Grows into “Valued Strategic Partner”

by Kim Plummer Krull  It was 17 years ago when Tim Heiney began serving as the first Lutheran missionary in Guinea, West Africa. He questioned if he could provide proper theological training while dealing with “all the other problems, frustrations and opportunities” that go along with mission work. But thanks be to God who, through […]

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