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Lutherans Engage the World: May-June 2015

Witness | Delivering the Faith

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From the editor: Delivering the faith

It’s who we are. It’s what we do best. In this issue of Lutherans Engage the World, we’re talking about how we in the LCMS deliver the faith.

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10 Questions with DCE Mary Stafford

Political consultant and LCMS Lutheran Jordan Gehrke has 15 years of political experience. A partner at Pulse Red Communications, he spends his days inside the Beltway providing strategic advice to candidates like the newly elected Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who won the November 2014 election in a landslide.

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Teaching the Faith to Strengthen Congregations

This issue of Lutherans Engage the World focuses on the topic of parish education, the content of the faith, the teaching and sharing of the faith with the next generation. Why is this done? How is this done? Who does it? What does it look like at home and around the world?

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The Secret Lives of Seminarians

Meet the men who will one day serve as pastors in the Lord’s Church.

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From foster care to adulthood

In 2014, the LCMS gave a grant of $30,000 to Lutheran Social Services of the South for a new program that helps young people who “age out” of the foster-care system in Austin, Texas, become self-sufficient adults.

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