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Blessed Are You

While it’s easy for many to remember this passage from the Beatitudes, it’s a much harder thing to actually rejoice and be glad when we hear all the slander against Christians in nearly every media outlet.

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Constant and Strong: Reflections on Year 1 of College

The stark reality [of college] is that there is a growing process and that involves much humility learned through various experiences, including suffering and loss. . . . Yet what has remained constant and strong is the faith given to me in my Baptism.

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Dads Being Dads

By God’s design, it is the father’s responsibility to ensure his children are raised in the faith.

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Bear One Another’s Burdens

In families, we see how precious it is not only to serve, but also to be served.

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Baptized ≠  Ethicists

Jesus redeems us, saves us and also teaches us.

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God Has Joined Together

Marriage is for everyone’s good.

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